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    For the best advice, personal attention and tenacious commitment both individuals and businesses turn to me to protect their interests and defend them.
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    Michael Paul is committed to serving his clients with top of the line legal representation and prides himself on providing a constant channel of communication to ensure client satisfaction. Learn More
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    Because I understand how important it is to be available at all times, whatever the reason may be, I provide all my clients with my cell phone number. Please feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a call at any time to set up a free initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation.
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    He offers his clients the same resources as many large firms, without sacrificing the personalized focus and attention. He is dedicated to providing the finest representation every day to every client.

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Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you want a criminal defense attorney with experience… Read More

DWI/DUI and Traffic Offenses
DWI/DUI & Traffic Offenses

An alcohol related driving offense in New York can be charged as a violation, a misdemeanor or a felony… Read More

criminal defense collateral consequences
Collateral Consequences

.Many people who are charged with a crime feel fortunate if they are able to plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense that results in no jail time… Read More

realestate law
Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions include real estate closings, buyers, sellers, contracts, mortgages, leases, and more… Read More



Client Testimonials

RayQuan H
19:40 08 Oct 19
I never thought I would see the day that I would meet a lawyer that I can say I trust. Mr Micheal Paul isnt just any lawyer, he's one the most understanding Defense attorneys that knows the pain of the people. He helped me out on a fixed budget, and beat my case Down to the ground! Mr paul is definitely a stand up guy. I do recommend. Thanks Mr Paul
Alisa Bethea
15:17 04 Oct 19
I’ve been using Michael Paul for years and have never been disappointed! Always gets the job done! Answers all questions and always available to communicate!
lois Sanchez
16:16 01 Oct 19
Upfront attorney who works hard for his clients. Shows up before time to answer questions and to get you in and out. You always know where you stand and that helps keeps the stress levels down during a very difficult time for everyone. I highly recommend Michael Paul to anyone who needs a great lawyer
Lucas Peter
18:36 11 Sep 19
Michael Paul tremendously helped my family in a recent case. This was our first time where we were in any sort of legal trouble. He was patient and listened to our case and looked at our evidence. Professional and seasoned, we knew that we were in the right hands. He fought for us and represented us very well in court. We were able to get a good outcome for our case. Thank you Michael! And remember folks- stay safe and remember to use your phone cameras! Evidence is everythingread more
Susan Alamgir
00:07 31 Aug 19
Michael Paul is an outstanding attorney! He is very helpful, knowledgeable , quick responsive , and an efficient criminal defense attorney ! He has helped me and my family resolve difficult legal issues, and has been there every step of the way. His staff are very helpful and friendly, they made us feel very welcomed and are very understandable. Thank you very much to him and his staff.
Susan Alamgir
00:07 31 Aug 19
Michael Paul is an outstanding attorney! He is very helpful, knowledgeable , quick responsive , and an efficient criminal defense attorney ! He has helped me and my family resolve difficult legal issues, and has been there every step of the way. His staff are very helpful and friendly, they made us feel very welcomed and are very understandable. Thank you very much to him and his staff.
Habeeb Saka
14:15 21 Aug 19
Very On Point & Upfront. Answered All Questions and Led Me In Right Direction Even When He Couldn’t Represent My Friend. Thats True Professionalism.
janine mendez
16:36 15 Jul 19
Michael Paul has provided legal advice and representation during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. In court Michael Paul was well prepared and did a great job defending me and ultimately got the charge dismissed and sealed. I would highly recommend Michael Paul to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interests in more
Crystal Goris
01:21 08 Jun 19
Michael Paul was sure to walk us through every step of the way making me feel at ease after what I thought began as a rocky situation when we had no guidance. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me and Mr. Molina. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for someone who cares and actually listens.
Carla Reinoso
16:38 27 May 19
During the stress of trying to find legal assistance in a city that I was not familiar with I came across this wonderful lawyer Michael Paul. Thanks to his legal help we were able to have a peace of mind and know that our case will be resolved. He was very profesional and reachable which is a great trait. He answered all our questions and guided my husband in resolving the case. I would 100% recommend him to anyone he’s more
Carla Reinoso
16:38 27 May 19
During the stress of trying to find legal assistance in a city that I was not familiar with I came across this wonderful lawyer Michael Paul. Thanks to his legal help we were able to have a peace of mind and know that our case will be resolved. He was very profesional and reachable which is a great trait. He answered all our questions and guided my husband in resolving the case. I would 100% recommend him to anyone he’s more
Bill Alvarez
23:15 16 May 19
Michael Paul Is your go to Lawyer! He is very professional and most importantly HONEST! He will tell you exactly the outcome of your case and fight for you. Overall if your in need of a lawyer Michael Paul Is your guy.
22:25 02 May 19
Michael Paul is a true professional and a great Attorney. If you are seeking legal representation for the first time, rest assured that this man carries himself with the utmost level of dignity and respect both in and out of the courtroom. He always makes himself available via phone or text and his rates are very reasonable. Thanks Mike!
Melinda Soto
20:19 23 Apr 19
Michael Paul is by far one of best criminal defense attorneys in NYC. He has helped my family and I resolve some very difficult legal issues over the years. He is an attorney that goes above and beyond to get the best possible for his clients. From the first time we met him, he made us feel comfortable and at ease. And it was apparent that he truly cares about his clients. He is honest and professional, ethical but also warm and very personable. If you’re looking for a lawyer you can trust and one who will be committed to getting the best for you, Michael Paul is the best!read more
Sufian Zaman
20:14 18 Apr 19
I experienced a level of care that I honestly didn’t think could be expressed. In my time of need I was really down and Michael walked me through everything and made it simple. Great lawyer, amazing knowledge and the guy knows everyone (this helps).
Robert Intelisano
20:28 08 Apr 19
Michael Paul is my only call when friends or clients get in trouble. He's helped several clients and friends over the years, not guilty! He really is aggressive, accessible and affordable just like his tag line says. A true professional!
Irving Cajas
03:38 21 Mar 19
Dr. Michael Paul is certainly among the best criminal defense attorneys in NYC. He has helped me resolve some of my largest-legal issues and did so in the most effective way possible. Dr. Paul is an expert at his craft and always achieves the absolute best results for his clients. He is very personable, makes you feel at ease, and is always available to help and answer any questions you may have. The relationship you build with Dr. Paul truly becomes a friendship which is what makes him such a unique attorney. With Dr. Paul you can rest easy knowing that he will work his very hardest to provide you with the best results possible. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Paul to everyone!read more
Tak Cheng
16:20 14 Mar 19
I went to him for consultation and he was very helpful. he got on the phone with the court and clarified things for me right away. He's very eager to help and very comforting to talk to.
master blaster
18:08 05 Mar 19
Great person, easy to understand, takes the time to explain all the options, and most importantly knows the law. A seasoned veteran that offers a very reasonable price for mounting a great defense. I am very pleased with Mr. Paul.
Tony Altamirano
02:17 21 Feb 19
Michael Paul is an amazing guy! I really felt at ease knowing that he would help me with my case. He is very kind, professional, and courteous. I would recommend Michael Paul 100%. Thanks again MP.
perry scardigno
00:10 29 Jan 19
Before meeting with Micheal Paul I felt nervous and anxious about the future of my case. Mr. Paul made me feel at ease and told me exactly how he would address the situation. I can tell Mr Paul has a lot of experience dealing with all types of cases. He was able to get me first in line at the court hearing and negotiated 3 days of community service instead of 5. I highly recommend visiting mr paul if you run into legal more
TA Nie
23:06 16 Jan 19
Mr. Paul was a great relief and very helpful throughout my time with him. I had got into a scuffle with another guy who told the police he wanted to press charges (even though he started it). This happened on a subway platform as we were both heading to work. I told the police I did not want to press charges because neither of us got significant damage and figured the other guy might think the same.Well, the other guy decided to press charges so I had to go to jail that day.Long story short, after this I was very worried that video evidence would not be found or proof of my innocence was there. My wife was worried, I was worried. Looking at a max sentence of 1 year in prison I called Michael Paul and told him my story.He was very assuring and got straight to the point. He explained the likely outcome and how I should relax. Tell my wife to relax, etc etc.So, we did. The other gentleman who I got into a scuffle with never pressed charges (he knew he was guilty) and the case was dismissed 3 months later.Throughout the entire time Michael was available through text to calm my concerns and verify/answer questions of mine. It was a very pleasant experience overall.Michael is clearly an experienced Lawyer and I don't regret a single penny I had to pay. I do recommend more
Veronica Suri
18:00 16 Jan 19
Attorney Michael Paul is a great attorney. Down to earth, professional, kind and will do everything to help. His expertise helped me understand the system and came trough for my son when I needed it! Thank you Michael.
Maggie Hagan
04:45 04 Jan 19
Michael Paul Esq. is a top notch attorney! He is highly accessible and even gives his personal cell phone number to his clients. He's literally available 24/7. Mr. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and works diligently to support his clients and get a fair judgement. I recommend Michael to all my family and friends.. I keep his card in my wallet for the unexpected.
Mark Bermudez
20:04 20 Dec 18
Great Lawyer, helps his clients as much as he can. Thank you for helping me with my case!
Andre Williams
04:51 22 Nov 18
Micheal Paul is more than a perfect lawyer. he is my hero he saved my life from a mistaken identity arrest pending serious felonies. he fought for me like I was a family member. and his focus was there from start to finish. he is the best period. and we have a lifetime bond. to some it all up MR.MP as I would say is the best period. ✍🏾xDelano Martin #justice was served
Ludweege Pierre
14:54 22 Oct 18
I used Michael services recently for a situation I had. He was such a calming influence throughout the process. He is genuinely interested in taking care of the client above anything else. His experience as a former ADA is invaluable. I highly recommend him and would use him again. I actually keep his card in my wallet now.
Jaminton Carela
17:18 17 Oct 18
Beautiful human being! This gentleman could move mountains. Very professional, straight forward and a life saver! A must have when needed to sit before the judge!
Jim Bui
22:51 16 Oct 18
Michael Paul's expertise with criminal law is perfectly complemented by his warmth and compassion. Additionally, Mr. Paul was always accessible whether I had a quick question or a need for a lengthy discussion. I always had the confidence that I had the best possible legal representation each time that Mr. Paul and I were in court. I could not have asked for a better outcome for my case as Michael Paul successfully negotiated and received an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD). If you are in trouble with the law and require knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation, I highly recommend Michael more
Daniel Ilibassi
00:07 12 Oct 18
Very personable and easy to talk to, as well as responsive. I recommend him.
Pedro Vazquez
02:28 29 Sep 18
In 2016 I got into an issues and ended up getting arrested and facing a felony charge. I knew that if I would of Pleaded guilty to this charge it would put a barrier in my life. I went back and forth for about year with a public defender. I was getting any where and the DA wanted me plea to the felony or go to trial. I was look for a lawyer to assist and I found Michael Paul online. I call Michael at like 9:30pm at night. He took my call and asked me about my case and knew he was able to assist me. I will have to say I was so worried about my future and Michael took those worries away by telling me that he can help me get out of this felony and jail time. Michael was a blessing to my life he not only helpedme but my mother stress about my case and life also want down. Once Michael took over my case by the Second appearance at court he was able to get me a very good plea. I was able to get a repleaer which means a misdemeanor and no felony as well as no jail or probation. He is also assisting me with a certificate of relief, so that I don’t have any barriers to employment. I’m very bless to have found Michael he like no other lawyer in this world. He cares about you and your well-being and what’s best for you. Furthermore, he knows his law and he makes sure your rights are not being violated. I thank god that I found Michael and I will always be grateful for what he done for me. If your looking for a good legal representation this is your person I live in Rochester, NY and he still took my case he is the lawyer you want on your side and I’m not just saying that I will keep his number with me forever if I’m, a friend , family member ever need a lawyer I will have them call Michael .... thank so much Michael for all of your help may god bless you!!!!!!!!read more
Gina Moreno
22:00 18 Sep 18
Michael is a consummate professional. A man of integrity and unpretentious. I completely trust him.He never gave up on my friend. Looked for best interest of his clients. Has years of experience with court system.
Mike Romeo
17:13 18 Sep 18
It is with ease and great content that I write this review. When I came to Michael Paul and explained the circumstances of my case, he was not judgmental. He walked me through a number of scenarios and made recommendations based on his experience with criminal law. I was always able to get in contact with Michael and he showed up at every hearing until the final disposition. I was extremely satisfied with the results. If you are considering him for service, please believe that he knows his stuff and will work hard to help you in all the ways that he more
Erica Crespo
13:32 10 Aug 18
Michael Paul has been our family lawyer for years. He is very reliable, consistent and knowledgeable at what he does! We recommend him to everyone.
Donald Trump
22:39 09 Aug 18
When you are a victim of the racist NYPD/ criminal justice system #metoo contact Michael Paul immediately. Forget about the other lawyers they are scam artists...
Jack Lippmann
17:24 11 Jul 18
I have worked for several law firms in a period of 20 years and never met a more dedicated lawyer than Michael Paul. Once you meet him you will see and understand how much he loves his job and loves to help people. I highly recommend Michael Paul, Esq., for any criminal infraction you may come up against.
Xavier Jacom
04:36 30 Jun 18
Excellent service . He makes you feel like he is part of your family . Always looking out for your best interest . I used his services many times and always with an outstanding service and good outcomes. Edwin J.
Angela Pena
18:55 28 Jun 18
I highly recommend Mr Michael Paul! I'm impressed with his knowledge and work , he has helped me with my issue remarkably. Great service!Wayne B.
Eiatzaz Arshad
17:59 03 Jun 18
Excellent Service and Very Professional. Michael Paul was able to get the results I wanted.Saved my career.I highly recommend him.
Alfonso Beltran
00:46 10 May 18
The best defense attorney. I highly recommend him.
Destynie Sheffield
03:39 25 Feb 18
I was referred to Mr. Paul after an incident with my 17 yr old son. I was very nervous upon initially contacted him, as I was unsure of what to expect. From day one, Mr. Paul was very welcoming and assured me my son would be fine. He explained everything throughly in layman terms so that I could fully understand the process. Mr. Paul was so compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, thorough , and diligent! He did not only present as a attorney, but as a friend. I can not ever remember him not responding to my phone calls, text messages, or emails in a timely manner. I just can not say enough positive things about Mr. Paul and would highly recommend him if you are in the market for a competent attorney!!!Thank you, Mr. Paul for helping my family through a very scary time!read more
Jessica Herrera
18:22 13 Feb 18
Michael Paul is a amazing attorney! I would totally recommend him anyday, Michael keeps his promise and assures you that everything will come out the way you want it too. I felt safe under Micheal Paul's work with his punctuality, professionalism and honesty. Micheal explains to you how everything will proceed and keeps you updated with your case. Best attorney out there!
regina bonaventure
16:55 23 Jan 18
Words can’t explain how amazing MP is! He is a man of his word, his communication with his clients are A1, and he is passionate about his work! He should be your first call when looking for an attorney!!!!!!!
Colleen Boris
19:07 16 Jan 18
I wholeheartedly can recommend Michael Paul to be your attorney. Not only is he an extremely knowledgeable and competent attorney with many years of courtroom experience, he is also a really nice man who is warm-hearted, respectful, honest and reasonable. You can trust that he will do his best, whatever the situation or circumstances, to represent you fairly.
Richard Sambade
00:46 29 Nov 17
Last November I found myself in a horrible situation that I could not imagine getting myself out of . Michael Paul was recommended to me and I hired him. He did an INCREDIBLE job and got me out of my predicament. Words cannot describe what a GREAT lawyer he is !!!!! Recommend to all!!!
Mr.Forever Doing Me
19:34 15 Nov 17
Mr. Paul is an amazing attorney that goes the extra mile to make things work in your favor with an understanding of who you are as a person. Awesome guy*** Posted by Mr Blackwell
Chris G
01:38 02 Nov 17
In life you should always have a few good things and thats a good mechanic, a great accountant, and a an even better lawyer!! I found that 5 years ago when I met Michael Paul. I received my second DWI ticket and I was facing serious repercussions. Michael helped me not only understand my options and what I was facing, but he guided me as a friend as well as my lawyer through the whole ordeal! After the court system tried to do thier worst with me Michael got me the best result with a victory in court! He was able to answer any questions I would have, he was always prepared for court, and most of all he treated me like more than a client from day one. I would use Michael or recommend him to anyone who really needed a good attorney. I remain close with Michael to this day and he will be the only lawyer I ever more
brianna caraballo
00:22 24 Jun 17
Remarkable!!!! Ever since I hired Michael Paul for my husbands case he has been there through every step of the way. My husband was facing a Class B felony robbery in the first degree and was facing 25 to life if he blew trial. With Michael Paul's help he was very persistent with the D/A to get my husband a good deal of less than 5 years and dropped most of the charges to a D class Felony, with also being a persistent felon. Me and my family are so grateful for his help, and would definitely hire him in the future with any case!! Thankyou Michael Paul. 🙂read more
Jerry Rivera
16:00 30 May 17
I have had my fair share of attorneys for one reason or another. One thing I will say is he delivers nothing but the best service. I am very pleased with his resolution. Thank you very much for your services.
Irelis Marie
23:41 28 May 17
Attorney paul help my family through our holiday season. Very humble attorney and human being. Down to earth knows his court system and law better than any attorney that I know and I have had my share. My husband is back home with 3 charges and a 10 year sentence. Michael and his staff are the best. I would recommend to anyone in need.
lani contreras
23:33 28 May 17
My life literally fell apart on 10/6/16 I lost my freedom my fiancé and my daughter. It All over an extortion plan from my ex husband. Facing serious changes and loss of employment I felt defeated. I spoke to many attorneys that made me feel it was all about the money. Until I spoke to Michael. He gave me hope and today 8 months plus later I am again happy free and with my family. All it took was 1 time to plea not guilty in courtroom and my 2 nd and last appearance was a resolution NOT GUILTY. Never have I been so grateful and happy. Attorney Paul being an ex District Attorney for more than 10 years was a blessing for me and all off his clients. I love this man and appreciate him till the day I die. My family and I forever grateful. Thank you more
James Kelly
15:08 16 Feb 17
"After my nephew got arrested, my family and I made the best decision we could've made. We hired Michael Paul to be his criminal defense lawyer. From the moment he took over the case he guided us through the criminal justice system to a result that will have no negative impact on my nephews future. The most impressive thing was the respect that was shown to him in the courthouse by other lawyers, court officers and judges. This man is a pro!"read more
Emin Abramov
15:30 17 May 16
Let me start by saying Mr. Michael Paul is a Amazing Lawyer , After all of my hope seemed crush , He did an amazing job by my side & it worked out to our favor!!Thank you so much Sir.I appreciate your service.
John Fodera
17:26 06 Jan 16
I have been using Mike's services and benefited from his advice for over 20 years. There is no finer legal representation at any price out there. He is honest, knowledgeable, and serious. I recommend employing him 100%.


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